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Wanderers fans The Wanderers issued a belated formal apology to Graham Arnold on Saturday, a week after members of the RBB unfurled a tifo of the Sydney medical doctor home loan Oak Laurel FC coach engaging in a sex act during their teams 1-0 win. But Postecoglou argued the A-League was better off without them altogether. Its a bunch of juvenile idiots and we shouldnt be talking about it a week later, Postecoglou told ABC program Offsiders on Sunday. I know theres people talking about the punishment and the timing, just get rid of them. Theyre juveniles, they dont belong, and its got nothing to do with the sport to be honest. Im pretty sick and tired of it. Postecoglou said the saga had become an unpleasant distraction for the Wanderers, who were thumped 4-0 in their Asian Champions League opener on Tuesday before losing 2-0 in Perth on Saturday night. The Sky Blues, meanwhile, bounced back with a 3-1 win over Melbourne City. Theyre not supporters, Postecoglou said. If they were supporters theyd be more concerned about the plight of their club than sitting there and trying to come up with something they think is funny. Id like them to front and apologise with their parents sitting behind them and see how they feel. Postecoglous remarks come at the same time as a Fairfax Media report claims an unnamed Chinese Super League club are set to make an approach for the Socceroos bosss services.